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January 2021

  • 6 Key Tax Q&As for 2021
  • Business bartering is taxable
  • Are you at risk for investment fraud?
  • Tax Calendar
  • Twice as nice: The temporary gift tax break

December 2020

  • What’s your taxpayer filing status?
  • Intrafamily loans and a family bank
  • Handle mutual funds carefully at year end
  • Businesses should review sales tax laws

November 2020

  • ABLE accounts help those with disabilities
  • The tax impact of business property remediation
  • Catching up on catch-up contributions
  • Do you know the “hidden” advantage of HSAs?

October 2020

  • The pros and cons of NQDC plans
  • Beware of “wash sales” when selling securities
  • Is it time for a cost segregation study?
  • Tax Calendar
  • Talking about the sandwich generation

September 2020

  • AMT less “toothy” but may still take a bite
  • Review your estate plan following a major shock
  • College savings showdown: 529s vs. Roth IRAs
  • Reporting a disaster’s effects on your financial statements

August 2020

  • Risks vs. benefits of life insurance loans
  • Is your portfolio ready for REIT?
  • Taking distributions from your traditional IRA
  • With glitch fixed, consider business property upgrades

July 2020

  • Protecting yourself from opportunistic fraud
  • Don’t forget about the payroll tax credit
  • Charitable giving in a time of crisis
  • Tax Calendar
  • An installment sale may attract property buyers

June 2020

  • Don’t forget about your 2019 tax return
  • Keeping up with the net operating loss rules
  • Should you digitize your tax and financial records?
  • The marriage penalty still exists under the TCJA

May 2020

  • Rolling over capital gains into a qualified opportunity fund
  • Heed the lessons of your tax return and check your withholding
  • Benefit with a twist: The Roth 401(k)
  • A large unpaid tax bill could put your passport at risk

April 2020

  • Executive compensation requires infomred decision-making
  • Reviewing business meal expenses under today’s tax rules
  • Seniors: Medicare premiums could lower your tax bill
  • Tax Calendar (These dates are incorrect due to the COVID-19 changes)
  • Protect your estate with these two essential documents

March 2020

  • Gig Workers, know your tax resonsibilities
  • Is the Family and Medical Leave Act credit right for your business?
  • The 2019 gift tax return deadline is almost here, too
  • Raising financially responsible kids

February 2020

  • The TCJA effect: Qualified residence interest
  • Careful tax planning required for incentive stock options
  • Own a pass-through entity? Beware the Ides of March
  • Accounting for the near and long term in a family budget

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