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September 2019

  • The tax cost of divorce has risen for many
  • Double up on tax benefits by donating appreciated artwork
  • How businesses can assess risk of worker misclassification
  • 4 types of information you need to prepare for disaster

August 2019

  • Consider the flexibility of a self-directed IRA
  • Tax document retention guidelines for small businesses
  • Know a teacher? Tell ’em about this tax break!
  • Planning for the net investment income tax

July 2019

  • Estate Planning Portability Lives on Under the TCJA
  • Be Ready for Anything with Regular Business Valuations
  • Could an FLP Help Help YOur Business Succession Plan?
  • Tax Calendar
  • No Surprises: Why You Should Check Your Tax Bracket

June 2019

  • TCJA Inspires Many Business Owners to Reconsider Entity Choice
  • Consider the Tax Advantages of Qualified Small Business Stock
  • Vacation Homes: Do You Understand the Tax Nuances?
  • Ensuring Your Long-Term Care Policy is Tax-Qualified

May 2019

  • Innocent Spouse Rules Offer Protection Under Some Circumstances
  • Deducting Business Losses for Pass-Through Entities
  • Send Your Kids to Day Camp and You May Get a Tax Break
  • Should You Be Worried About an IRS Audit

April 2019

  • Running Your Personal Finances Like a Business
  • Business vs. Hobby: The Tax Rules Have Changed
  • Are Income Taxes Taking a Bite Out of Your Trusts?
  • Tax Calendar
  • Small Business Owners Should Double-Check Their Tax Returns

March 2019

  • Weigh the Tax Impact of Income vs. Growth When Investing
  • Deducting Charitable Gifts Depends on a Variety of Factors
  • Did You Repair Your Business Property or Improve It?
  • There May Be Unclaimed Property With Your Name on It

February 2019

  • Multistate Resident? Watch Out for Double Taxation
  • You’ve Got Time: Small Business Can Still Set Up a 2018 SEP Plan
  • Fewer Taxpayers to Qualify for Home Office Deduction
  • Throwing Snowballs at Your Mountain of Debt

January 2019

  • Installment Sales: A Viable Option for Transferring Assets
  • How to Trim the Fat From Your Inventory
  • Laying the Groundwork for Your 2018 Tax Return
  • Tax Calendar
  • 7 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

December 2018

  • An Intrafamily Loan is Worth Careful Consideration
  • Use Capital Losses to Offset Capital Gains
  • Accelerating Your Property Tax Deduction to Reduce Your Tax Bill
  • Is a PTO Contribution Arrangement Right for Your Business?

November 2018

  • Taxable vs. Tax-advantaged: Where to Hold Investments
  • Is Now the Time for Some Life Insurance?
  • Getting Caught Up With the Latest Catch-up Contributions
  • Year-end Tax Strategies for Accrual-basis Businesses

October 2018

  • Are You a Member of the Sandwich Generation?
  • Avoid Penalties by Abiding by the NQDC Tax Rules
  • Tax Calendar
  • DOL Has Increased Scrutiny of Defined Benefit Plans
  • Catching up with the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

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