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August 2017

Topic Overview:

  • Should You Convert From A C Corporation To An S Corporation?
  • Cool Down With A Dip Into Your Tax Records
  • IRS Permits High-Earner Roth IRA Rollover Opportunity
  • Shifting Capital Gains To Your Children

July 2017

Topic Overview:

  • Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Pursue An Acquisition
  • Leasing Property To Your Business Might Trigger Undesirable Tax Consequences
  • Which Type Of Mortgage Loan Meets Your Needs?
  • Tax Calendar
  • Know Your Tax Hand When It Comes To Gambling

June 2017

Topic Overview:

  • In Down Years, NOL Rules Can Offer Tax Relief
  • Asking The Right Questions About Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Renting Out Your Vacation Home?
  • Thoughts And Musings On Family Budgeting

May 2017

  • Could A Cost Segregation Study Save Your Company Taxes?
  • Viatical Settlements: A Funding Mechanism For Medical Costs
  • Watch Out For IRD Issues When Inheriting Money
  • Reviewing The Innocent Spouse Relief Rules

April 2017

Topic Overview:

  • Reviewing Your Company’s Buy-Sell Agreement
  • ABLE Accounts Can Help Support The Disabled
  • So You Just Filed Your Taxes – Could An Audit Be Next?
  • Tax Calendar
  • 5 Growth Strategies For Today’s Business

March 2017

Topic Overview:

  • Got Nexus? Find Out Before Operating In Multiple States
  • 4 Tips For Donating Artwork To Charity
  • Identifying Qualifying Children For Tax Purposes
  • You’ve Hit The Jackpot! Now What?

February 2017

Topic Overview:

  • Consider Separating Real Estate Assets From Your Business
  • Facing The Tax Challenges Of Self-Employment
  • 4 Myths About Managing Your Debt
  • Phaseouts And Reductions:A Tax-Filing Reminder

January 2017

Topic Overview:

  • DAF’s Bring an Investment Angle to Charitable Giving
  • Slight Adjustments: COLA Amounts For 2017 Retirement Plans
  • Need to Sell Real Property? Try an Installment Sale
  • Reviewing Your Company’s Inventory Options for Best Results
  • Tax Calendar

December 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Don’t Let Capital Losses Get You Down
  • IRS Continues to Enforce “Reasonable” Shareholder-Employee Salaries
  • Age 50 or Older? Catch-Up Contributions Are For You
  • 7 Last-Minute Tax-Saving Tips

November 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Donating Appreciated Stock Offers Tax Advantages
  • Is the Sales Tax Deduction Right for You?
  • Make Sure You’re Up to Speed on NonQualified Stock Option Rules
  • What Business Owners Should Know About Company Vehicles and Taxes

October 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Take The Worry Out of Business Valuations
  • Owner-Employees Face Distinctive Tax Planning Challenges
  • Tax Calendar
  • Have a Pension? Be Sure to Plan Carefully
  • Timing is Everything: Your Income and Expenses

September 2016

Topic Overview:

  • AMT Awareness: Be Ready for Anything
  • 5 Tips for Safe Intrafamily Loans
  • Funding a College Education? Don’t Forget the 529
  • Bartering Businesses Can’t Cut Uncle Same Out of the Deal

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